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Sydney Retrofit

Sydney Retrofit will present and discuss a series of architectural design studio provocations that grapple with the contemporary challenges of Australian housing in Sydney. From the single-dwelling, to the apartment building, and other housing types across the spectrum, UTS studio leaders and their students have been exploring the design of housing and the way it shapes different lifestyles and landscapes across the city. The housing affordability crisis is impelling the architects of today and tomorrow to ask what changes we need to make to our housing for the future sustainability of our city. Can we afford to maintain the status quo of the Australian Dream and its limited housing forms? Where are the sites of opportunity for reimaging the spaces of the home and the suburbs? Where can we live with access to places that are self-created, managed, common to us and our neighbourhoods? And how?

Knowing that we cannot simply wipe the slate clean, Sydney Retrofit presents student projects that investigate, challenge, and reimagine our local forms of housing, including its affordability, amenity, organisation, design, production, regulation and management. The evening will conclude with a panel discussion to reflect on the implications of these projects for the city, as well as the role of architectural education and design research to contend with the complex interdisciplinary field of housing, and equip the architects of tomorrow to facilitate change.

Presenters include: Brooke Jackson, Alicia Pozniak, Jack Gillbanks (UTS Master of Architecture studio leaders) and Masters students.

Panel: Charles Rice - Professor of Architecture and Associate Dean (Research); Gerard Reinmuth - Architect and Professor of Practice UTS, Adam Russell - Architect.

Exhibition opening: 5pm – 6pm

Presentations and panel discussion: 6pm – 8pm

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