This year's Sydney Architecture Festival celebrates milestones in great Australian architecture, with a focus on two of our greatest design works that mark major anniversaries this year - the Sydney Opera House and Australia's Parliament House.

Australia's most famous building, the Sydney Opera House, celebrates its 45th anniversary in October. A masterpiece of 20th century architecture, it is unparalleled for its design, construction, exceptional engineering and technological innovation.

Work on Australia's Parliament House - marking its 30th anniversary in 2018 - started the year after the Sydney Opera House opened its doors. This connection has never been fully explored, yet explains so much of the ambition and struggle that's intimately connected to both of these great buildings.

What can we learn from our architectural icons to ensure Australian cities, suburbs and streets continue to set the standard for the world? How do we plan a living future for buildings recognised as World Heritage sites? Hear from those who were there at the time, and from those now shaping greatness in to the future.

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