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Walking Tour #1: Design Innovation and Housing choice in Redfern and Surry Hills

Hosts: Eoghan Lewis and Sydney Architecture Walks

Over recent decades the inner-city, former working-class suburbs of Redfern and Surry Hills have undergone massive change. No longer associated with poverty or crime they now boast many of the city’s most popular cafes, bars and restaurants and have a thriving creative scene with something to be discovered around every corner. But at what price?

Set within the broader theme of housing affordability, this walking tour will explore these vibrant neighbourhoods and focus on housing choice, housing innovation and projects that engage wholeheartedly in community building.

The route and conversation will be structured around a number of contemporary projects, contested sites, and politically charged themes. You will discover some inspired renovations, new houses, infill developments on tiny sites as well as larger mixed-use developments and public buildings as we discuss the new ideas shaping how we live in our private and public realms.

In addition, several projects will provide opportunities to open up broader conversations around housing affordability allowing us to share some radically new development models as well as some of the fiscal and political factors affecting affordability including planning, land access, financial and legal factors and the political roles of city and state.

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